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What even is a "Show Up" Session?

well, ill keep it short...

A big bunch of people doing breathwork then swimming on a beach in the middle or a Europeans Winter...!?

LOCO, all of them! 😂

Well, yes... we might be. Yet, we are having a great time and getting some insane benefits out of it.

Contemplating making the plunge, setting the alarm clock that little bit earlier and coming to join the tribe of ecstatic humans all "showing up" for themselves and the community?

Awesome, we run the session every Wednesday just before sunrise.

Everything has a story, so heres ours!

The Show Up journey started with an idea of wanting to build

community In BCN.

Cold exposure and breathwork has always been a ritual in our lives, those 6am alarm clocks, suiting up and driving to the beach with those pre sunrise jitters, warming up the chi with some breathwork and then a freezing cold swim. Alive and in the moment before most even move in their beds. Our aim is to bring this routine to Barcelona and build a wholesome community amongst the craziness of the city.

I know I hear you ask, "but why the early mornings", well because it sucks...honestly, it sucks all the way up to the moment it starts, then you take a few breaths, you become present and still with in yourself, a moment of self reflection before we charge. Then you prepare yourself for the stress of the day with a sprint towards the forsty waters for a cold plunge. Priming your immune system, clearing your mind, stimulating your body for the day to come. Afterwards, We promise you it will be the best day you have had in a long time, guaranteed!

Post session: If you want hang around for a coffee afterwards with the crew and share some experiences and make some new connections, please we welcome you too!

We do this every week on a Wednesday morning at sunrise, so come along and let's break down some barriers between the partiers, yogis & adventurers and make breathwork a normal part of everyones lives.

All are welcome, Come and Join Us - Wednesday Mornings for Sunrise and keep the vibes going!


All Attendees of our Show Up Sessions are able to claim a discount with Centre Movement for our Initial Osteopathic Consultations, Breathwork Mastery Course and Private Breathwork Consultations. To find out more contact Jake on Whatsapp +34613147145


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