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Why You Should Not Skip Rehabilitation Exercise

If you're an athlete in any kind of sport, you will know the importance of keeping in shape. The same is true after you undergo surgery or suffer an injury; keeping your body at its best helps to heal faster. At Centre Movement our team helps you improve your game or recover from surgery with a variety of different treatments. Our amazing Osteopaths will help you figure out the best rehabilitative exercise routine to keep you in the best shape possible.

What is rehabilitative exercise?

Rehabilitative exercise is a form of treatment that helps with a variety of conditions. The purpose of this treatment is to improve your pain and stimulate healing of your body. You might think of rehabilitation as being needed after surgery or an acute injury, which is true — but there are other conditions it can help, including:

  • Skeletal abnormalities

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Chronic pain

Rehabilitative exercise helps to ease the pain and discomfort of these conditions by strengthening your body. It also helps your muscles and ligaments to become more flexible, which helps to ease the discomfort that unused muscles can cause.

One of the major benefits of a rehabilitative exercise program is increased mobility in your joints. Many of the conditions listed above are the result of not only stiff muscles, but joint problems. Improving the mobility in your joints helps decrease pain, along with increasing your overall physical health.

How it can help you

If you’ve suffered some kind of injury whether it be through sport or general life, or recently had some form of surgery, you’ll want to get back on your feet as soon as possible, right? This is where rehabilitative exercise comes in. The goal of this form of treatment is to rebuild your strength, stability, control and flexibility as fast a possible.

Recovery from an injury or surgery can take months; but with a rehabilitative exercise program, you could potentially speed up your recovery, whilst reducing the chance of re-injury. But how you ask? Well exercise rehabilitation or specific training causes changes within the body such as:

  • Enhanced capillarization or blood flow to the region, causing higher amounts of nutrients, oxygen and removal of unwanted metabolic bi-products, fluid and dead tissues.

  • Building up more layers of tissue and improves the load tolerance and physical capacity.

  • Desensitisation of the injury region, helping to increase movement patterns by reducing pain.

  • Strengthens muscles, Improves balance & coordination therefore reducing the risk of falls or re-injury.

  • Improves flexibility and joint mobility in turn positively improving gait and biomechanics.

  • Prevents deformities, limb problems and reduction of unnecessary complications.

  • Improves posture by strengthening supporting structure of the spine.

  • Increases psychological benefits seen by improved self management, improved participation, decreased dependence & Improved quality of life

Reasons you should keep up with it

Rehabilitative exercise isn’t just something you can do for a few weeks and then give up, it may help but needs to be maintained and progressed. Over the weeks and months that you work with Dr. Wright, you’re building up your strength, stability, power and control along with flexibility. Not something you want to let fall to the wayside after you’ve worked so hard.

Although exercise therapy isn’t always easy, it shouldn’t be overly painful. You may feel a little fatigued afterwards, but not to worry, that is completely normal. It also may become tough at times; however, you’ll be thankful that you did it when you have significantly less pain and can perform your daily activities without a problem.

If you’re in pain, feeling tight or uncomfortable, unable to hit certain ranges of motion during exercise, recovering from injury or just want to get a general biomechanical assessment and have a self maintenance program written then come see us at Centre Movement - Barcelona.

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