Meet the Team

Dr. Jake Wright D.O

Founder and Principle Osteopath

Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor
DNS Practitioner

Show Up Founder

Dr. Jake Wright DO, a distinguished  Australian Osteopath, is AHPRA certified and honed his expertise with 5 years of rigorous training at RMIT University (B.Clin.Sci, B.Sci.). Additionally, as an Advanced Instructor with the Oxygen Advantage, Jake seamlessly incorporates breathwork coaching into his osteopathic practice.

Dedicated to making breathwork an integral part of daily life, Jake employs a holistic approach, amalgamating traditional osteopathy and breathwork with contemporary strength & conditioning concepts. This ensures comprehensive injury management and rehabilitation, ultimately elevating physical performance and enhancing the quality of life for his clients.

Recognizing the need for conscious awareness in holistic health, Jake founded the "Show Up" community. This initiative aims to enlighten individuals about beneficial practices that can positively impact their lives.

Jake's vast experience encompasses working with clients from diverse sporting backgrounds such as surfing, swimming, snow sports, strength disciplines (like CrossFit, bodybuilding, and powerlifting), football, running, rock-climbing, and combat sports.

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Karl Kerschbaumer D.O

Yoga Instructor 

I am Karl, an Austrian osteopath and yoga instructor, deeply committed to holistic wellness. My mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and vitality by merging my expertise in osteopathy and yoga with my passion for sports and nutrition.

Leveraging my qualification as a certified osteopath, I provide comprehensive care focused on the body's structural integrity and balance & as a certified yoga instructor trained in India, I guide individuals in embracing yoga for physical and mental well-being. I offer first-hand advice on sports activities and nutrition, creating well-rounded wellness plans for my clients. As a self-employed therapist, I deliver personalized care with a focus on rehabilitation, prevention, and mindful living.

(Physiotherapy Bachelor - FH Campus Vienna, completed in 2015)

(Osteopathy - IAO, completed in 2022)-
(Yoga - 200h TTC in Mysore, India & 300 TTC in Rishikesh, India)

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Kiira Sivi


Yoga Instructor 

With a lifelong passion for the connection between food, movement, and well-being, Kiira has dedicated her career to exploring the vast potentials of holistic nutrition and integrative health. Her academic and professional journey includes deep dives into human nutrition, contemporary dance, and other movement forms, enriching her understanding of how lifestyle impacts health.

Currently, she specializes in digestive health, microbiome, hormone balance, and nutrition for women and infants. As a holistic nutritionist, Kiira emphasizes understanding the root causes of health issues, crafting personalized, comprehensive nutrition plans that go beyond diet to include stress management, sleep optimization, and natural supplements.

Kiira is also an active practitioner and leader in wellness education, offering both in-person and online yoga classes, and spearheading workshops and retreats focused on building resilience and promoting holistic health. Additionally, she is the founder of Tibukes Kitchen, a creative catering service for various national and international events.

Kiira's goal is to empower individuals to enhance their health and well-being by fostering a balanced relationship with food and lifestyle habits, providing tools that support a harmonious life.

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Gabriel Cervera

Strength & Conditioning ​

Gabriel is an experienced personal trainer with a focus in return to sport training. He thrives with a challenge and connecting with his clientele. His focus is to get the best out of all that walk through the door and help them on their journey to be the best version of themselves. 

I have been dedicating myself to teaching and guiding people to develop their physical and personal abilities for five years. Since I don't work only with muscles, but with human beings with their own stories and goals. My passion and profession is to accompany you in the process of challenging yourself, in order to plan and achieve proposed objectives.

I am currently trained at EQF3 and EQF4 trainer level in Europe. I have a degree in sports nutrition and Professional Coaching.

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