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Oxygen Advantage 
Business Base Camp


'Breathe Life into Your Workplace and Scale the Market with Our Sustainable Corporate Wellness Program'

This weekend will focus on self awareness, connection and performance. 


The main themes that will be explored are as follows:

- Self awareness - Lead self to lead others  

- Practical wellness sessions to give you the tools to take back into everyday life

- Group based learning - building deeper connection to self and others

- Mindfulness activities to improve mindset and life perspective

- Vulnerability – You can’t live courageously without being vulnerable

- Rest and recovery - stress is not the problem it’s the lack of recovery that is the problem


Meals and snacks will be provided, we will be fasting in the mornings to maximise the effect
of the breath work sessions.  

The property provides ample camping space so please bring your own tent and sleeping gear. Camping will assist in the process of grounding and connecting to nature.

Let’s Work Together

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