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Founder and Principle Osteopath

Osteopath, Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, DNS Practitioner

Dr. Jake Wright DO is an AHPRA fully registered/qualified osteopath, completing his 5 years of training at RMIT University (B.Clin.Sci, B.Sci.). An Advanced Instructor with the Oxygen Advantage also working as a Breathwork coach which he integrates into his practice.

He is on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives.

Utilising a unique approach to patient care through combining traditional elements of osteopathy, breathwork alongside modern strength & conditioning principles to give you a full spectrum of injury management & rehabilitation to enhance physical performance and improved quality of life for all his clients. 

Jake has a wide a varied client base due to his experience practising and looking after many different sporting disciplines from surfing, swimming, snow sports, barbell & strength (CrossFit, bodybuilding & powerlifting), various football codes, running & trail-running, rock-climbing, BJJ & combat sports.

Drawing from his own clinical experience mixed with an ever-evolving current research and evidence base on physical therapy & rehab, Jake takes a structural, holistic & highly individualised approach to each patient.

Considering himself a 'lifetime student' he has taken many opportunities to learn from industry leaders not only in physical therapy but many pioneers of human health & performance optimisation.

Jake is an avid swimmer, surfer & climber. When not in the clinic he’ll either be hunting down some surf or exploring the rest of Spain in his old T3 Furgo!

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