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        Performance Breathwork Mastery         

Connect to Self
through our
8 Weeks Online Program

Take your LIFE to the next level! 

8 Week Regeneration

  1. Live better,

  2. Be more fulfilled,

  3. Feel more aligned with your purpose,

  4. Make better choices.


At the highest sporting level it is all about the little gains, the milliseconds,

how you recover, how you prepare and how you perform. 

We show you the techniques that take even the elite to the

next level during our 12 week intensive course,

by utilising the Oxygen Advantage® Method integrated with our own program.

Proven, scientific steps to help you excel.

No matter your level of fitness or breathwork training. 

Click Apply Now and comment

"Performance Breathwork Mastery" 
to get started. 


Charlie,  Corporate Finance

"Clarity, focus & being. This was the most life-altering 12 weeks of my entire life! Its a must for all looking to take the next step"

Samantha, Naturopath

"I am so grateful of finding this program when I needed it. I couldn´t recommend it any higher to anybody looking to make a shift and progress"

Dante, Professional Athlete

"Thankyou to Jake and the team, for getting me to play at my best after many returns to the game from injury. Must do investment in yourself if your at the highest level"

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